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FEATURE: Interview with Jennifer V. Kurland, Green Party Candidate for Governor of Michigan


Last Tuesday, we saw two hard-fought Michigan Primary Elections to be the next Governor of Michigan come to an end.  On the Democratic Party side, we saw Gretchen Whitmer win a fairly easy decision over progressive candidates Abdul El-Sayed and Shri Thanedar.  For the Republican Party, we also saw a fairly easy decision go in the favor of current Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, over our current Lieutenant Governor in Brian Calley.  

Both Ms. Whitmer and Mr. Schuette will now duke it out in a heavily contested General Election.

What most people DON’T seem to know is that they are not the only two names on the ballot.  Green Party candidate Jennifer V. Kurland is waiting for them on that November ballot, and she sat down with Jason S. Jackson and The Westland Gazette to explain exactly who she is, why she is running, and why she thinks she can win this heavily contested race for Governor of Michigan! 

JSJ: Good evening, Ms. Kurland, and thanks for sitting down with The Westland Gazette!  First things first, most people want to know, WHO IS Jennifer V. Kurland, and how did you get started in Michigan politics?

Kurland: Thank you very much!  It’s my pleasure to sit down and let Michigan voters know who I am and why I am running for Governor of Michigan!  

I am born and raised in Michigan, and my dad was a member of the UAW, as a sheet metal worker at Detroit Diesel and my mom was a member of the MEA as a teacher in Warren. I’m adopted and was raised Jewish, growing up in Southfield and then West Bloomfield.  I went to Michigan State University for 2 years right after high school. I started working at Clean Water Action while at MSU and worked there for 3 years. If you’re unfamiliar with CWA, it’s an environmental organization and I canvassed/field managed on water issues statewide and nationally.  So, my start in Michigan politics began when I was 19 and I’ll be 37 this November.  I moved back home after 2 years and since I was not sure what I wanted my degree to be in and started taking out loans, and I fell into a career in retail banking.  I mainly worked with everyday people and also small business owners. Most of my career was during the Great Recession, so I saw first-hand how we all were affected, and I bought my house in Redford at the end of ’05, and by the time 2008 hit, I had lost 75% of my value by then. I had some customers in Westland as well. I went back to school, finished my Associates Degree at Schoolcraft and then got my Bachelor’s in Political Science Public Affairs from Wayne State University in 2017.


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