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We have sent an official ask of the League of Women Voter's to get their stance on the gubernatorial debates and that they are only for 2/6 candidates for this office.  The email was sent on September 20th and we have not yet received a response back.


Questions are in Purple, and Jennifer's answers are in Green


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Jennifer V Kurland


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Radio Personality - The Offensive Feminist with Jenny K - currently on hiatus


Associate's Degree, Liberal Arts, with Honors - Schoolcraft College Bachelor's Degree, Political Science Public Affairs - Wayne State University

Qualifications / Experience

Redford Union School Board elected 2012 term of 2013 - 2018, served as President for 3 1/2 years, current Treasurer. Elections pollworker/chairperson since 2006. Appointed - Redford Township Festival Committee since 2012, served as Secretary for 2 years. Redford Jaycees - multiple executive positions, 60th President.  Michigan Junior Chamber - District 4 Director, 2015.


Campaign Questions

1. PRIORITIES: What are your top three priorities for the State of Michigan and how would you address them?

Flint, Public Education, and Prisons/Policing. Flint is the canary in the coalmine for our crumbling water and sewer infrastructure on top of our crumbling roads and bridges. We need to replace all lead water lines statewide. We must properly fund public education, earmark general fund money for Pre-K-12, and include funding for infrastructure, curriculum, and technology. We must end the war on drugs and mass incarceration. Ending solitary confinement, raising the age for prosecution of minors, requiring community policing, and ending the cash bail system will help fix our broken criminal justice system.


2. EDUCATION: What measures do you support/propose to achieve improved educational outcomes and accessibility for Michigan students from early childhood through post-secondary education?

We must bring technology to all classrooms around the state, and fund professional development for teachers. We must properly fund school infrastructure and fund early childhood opportunities. We can make public colleges and then public universities free for all Michiganders while expanding college and trade opportunities to high school students. We must end the for-profit charter school system and school of choice, both of which has been increasing segregation in our schools. We must properly fund a statewide ALICE program, end abstinence-only education, and stop the school to prison pipeline.


3. ECONOMY: What policies do you support to increase jobs and help Michigan residents improve their economic positions?

We must increase the minimum wage to $15/hr immediately, and permanently fix the minimum wage to other indicators like inflation, housing, and food costs. Climate change is real and green jobs are the jobs of the future. We can put our tradespeople to work making wind farms, solar panels, and becoming innovators of hydro power. We must transition to a more diverse economy by creating grants for Michiganders who wish to start new businesses without personal capital. The legalization of marijuana and subsequent ability for our state to grow industrial hemp will also create new economic opportunities and industries.


4. ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY: What actions or policies do you support to protect Michigan’s water, air and land for current and future generations, while meeting the state’s energy needs? Explain how those actions or policies would affect the future of Enbridge Pipeline 5.

We must completely transition over to clean, green, renewable energy. We can fully meet our energy needs with wind, solar, and hydropower. We must charge the full cost of pollution permits to include the health effects to the public, cleanup, and require full disclosure of all chemicals and pollutants released. We must immediately shut down and decommission Enbridge Line 5, and halt all current pipeline projects for future, stringent environmental assessments before future approvals or completion of any pipeline projects. We need to recombine the DEQ and DNR, and create legislation to allow for permit denials.


5. EQUALITY: What, if any, specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women in Michigan?

We must increase the minimum wage to $15/hr. We need to end abstinence-only education and begin teaching age-appropriate consent to all students. We have the ability to create legislation that will end the wage-gap in Michigan, and we must enshrine equal rights for all into our state constitution. We must fully protect abortion rights as part of women’s health care, and end the “women tax” on items like sanitary products. It is imperative that we treat the LGBTQIA community with equal protection, including housing rights, job protection, adoption rights, and health care.


6. JUSTICE: What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our state?

We must give the Michigan Civil Rights Commission teeth. This includes expanding Elliot Larson to include all LGBTQIA citizens, and the ability to have some level of enforcement capabilities. We must end the drug war, end the cash bail system, and transform our prisons and police policies to those of community policing. We must work to end gentrification by requiring community benefit agreements to coincide with local business tax breaks, create new economic opportunities for those in impoverished communities with a grant program for small business and fix inequities in public education.





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