GPMI Vetting Questionnaire


GPMI Vetting Questionnaire


1.  Office for which you want GPMI’s nomination


I am seeking the nomination for the office of Governor.


2.  Full legal name, residence address, and date of birth.


Jennifer Valerie Kurland

Redford, MI



3.  You preferred contact method(s) and contact information.


Email:  or

Phone: 313-349-3929


4.  Name (city or township) and number of the precinct where you vote in November general elections.


Redford Township, Precinct 2.


5.  Are you a registered voter in the district where you want to run?




6.  Are you a member of GPMI? If so, when did you join and why?


Yes. I officially joined the Green Party of Michigan after the 2016 protests in Philadelphia. My first Presidential vote in 2000 went to Ralph Nader, and although I considered myself to be a political Independent I leaned Green. I joined for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because of three events. The first catalyst being an attempted annexation of my school district by my “progressive Democrat” State Senator, the second was my research into the Flint Water Crisis, and the last was the Primary-rigging by the Democratic Party.


7.  Names and contact info for three references who have known you for at least three years. If any of them are not members of GPMI, please explain briefly how they know you and why their knowledge of you will help GPMI consider your candidacy.


Dr. Sarena Shivers – Superintendent of Redford Union Schools

Sarena and I have worked together closely at Redford Union since 2015.


Melissa Pivoz

Melissa and I have known each other since elementary school and I am the godmother to her two boys.


Sarah Goad

Sarah and I are Redford Jaycees together and when I was a local Vice President, she was my Associate Vice President


8.  Will you pledge to run a financially clean campaign – no corporate donations, no PAC money, full compliance with laws about candidate committees and record-keeping?




9.  Some GPMI nominees “run” for office, raising and spending money in an active campaign to win. Others “stand” for office, intending mostly to raise particular issues and give voters a chance to support Green values. What kind of campaign are you planning?


I am running for this office.


10.  Will “Green Party of Michigan” and appear prominently on all your campaign literature, lawn signs, buttons, etc.?


Yes, I have already launched my campaign and have been promoting the Green Party of Michigan on my website and through my campaign. If nominated, my logo will slightly change to incorporate the Green Party flower.



11.  Will your campaign literature, lawn signs, buttons, etc. be made by union labor and show the union bug – OR made by donated labor and say “labor donated”? If not, please explain.


Yes. My literature has already been printed with the union bug.


12.  Will you include a GPMI membership form with or among your standard campaign literature?


Yes, recruitment is part of my campaign.


13.  Have you created a candidate committee? If so, when and where did you file the paperwork (with the Secretary of State, the county clerk, or the FEC if you are seeking a Federal office)?


Yes, I filed the paperwork with the Secretary of State at the end of August/beginning of September 2017.


14.  Please describe your current campaign organization, and how you hope to build on it.


My campaign organization is made up of volunteers who are helping when they can. I would like to hire a campaign manager, volunteer coordinator, and work on a comprehensive GOTV plan including down-ballot coordination for events and campaigning.


15.  Have you run for office before? If so, what office, when, where, how did you get nominated (or were you a write-in), and (briefly) how did the campaign go?


Yes. I ran for the Redford Union School Board in 2012 for a 6-year term and was elected as the top vote-getter out of 5 candidates with 1/3 of the vote. I have also been President of the board for the past 3 years.


16.  What political activities, and which parties or other political organizations, have you been involved with in the past five years?


Political Activities/ Organizations:


Redford Jaycees (Michigan Junior Chamber/Junior Chamber International – former local and state board member)

League of Women Voters

Redford Jaycees CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

Redford Union School Board (2013-2018, President 2015-2017)

Redford Township Festival Committee (since 2012, Secretary 2016-2017)

Former Captain, Neighborhood Watch

Partnership for Building a Better Redford

MDPAN (Metro-Detroit Political Action Network)

Pollworker/Chairperson/Super-Chairperson for Elections (since 2006)

Radio Show Host – The Offensive Feminist with Jenny K

Canvassing with Flint Rising, further advocacy for Flint, created a documentary – The Flint Water Crisis





Special Assessment District for Redford Police & Fire

Redford Township Library Millage

Jay Johnson for State Representative

Jay Johnson for Township Trustee

Bernie Sanders for President

Jill Stein for President

Recall Rick Snyder (2012 & 2016)

Jennifer V Kurland for Redford Union School Board

Wayne County Green Party slate


17.  Please give us your short “campaign biography” (a few sentences up to a few paragraphs).  


My "about" section can be referenced by clicking the photo below.



18.  What (briefly) is your understanding of the Four Pillars or the Ten Key Values of the Green movement, and how will they apply to the campaign issues for your office/in your area?


I have created a Fireside Chat on the Green Party which can be viewed at the link below



19.  Do you disagree with any parts of the GPMI platform? If so, how will you handle questions on those issues in your campaign?


Yes and no. I have a different idea for peace in the Middle East than what has been proposed before. I have written a paper that can be viewed in the link below as a beginning example of my ideas.   I have yet to receive a question on Israel/Palestine in my campaign and do not anticipate it being a part of my platform, nor an important issue to the people of Michigan in the gubernatorial race.




20.  What issue position (if any) relevant to the office you are seeking – but either not covered at all in the GPMI platform or covered differently – would you most want to see GPMI adopt?


What I have been hearing on the campaign trail is that residents of Michigan have never heard the Green Party’s domestic policies and ideas. I believe Green Party candidates need to develop comprehensive policies when running for office that both incorporate our values and can be implemented.  




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