Statement Against Trump's Racist Remark on Immigrants



The comments made by President Trump on Thursday about immigrants from Norway being more desirable than those from Haiti or Africa was thinly veiled racist rhetoric. This is 2018, yet sadly our President is speaking in racist undertones that would not have been acceptable in 1918. The United States is a great place to live, but we are still a work in progress. We are still working to overcome the centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, segregation, redlining, and today’s environmental racism.   We are still working to accept new immigrants, as each wave from our country’s founding through today experience the same fear and uncertainty in a new land. As human beings we have a natural fear of the unknown, and it is a natural feeling to be uneasy around new cultures and languages. It is not natural and it is un-American to react with violence, with animosity, or with an unwelcoming attitude. America’s culture is of a melting pot. Michigan benefits from multiculturalism, from art to cuisine to music and more. Immigrants help our country and our state by paying taxes, supporting local businesses, buying homes, and are no different than anyone else with wants to provide for their families, and to give them a good life. As your governor, I pledge to be unwavering in accepting new immigrants to our state from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Haiti, Norway, Syria, and everywhere. Discrimination because of someone’s skin color is still sadly not a thing of the past.  Only true leaders both recognize it should not be and recognize it will take work to fix this problem. Unfortunately, our President is not showing the leadership we need to address and end racism; he is showing weakness by speaking in subservience to white supremacy.  



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