The race to be Michigan’s next governor has taken on a Redford tone. Resident Jennifer Kurland is running for the state’s top spot as a member of the Green Party.

The 36-year-old, who has been the president of the Redford Union School Board since 2015, was officially nominated by the party at its state convention on May 5. It’s time for voters to think outside the box, to look past Democrats and Republicans, who Kurland says haven’t solved Michigan’s problems.

“They never have,” Kurland said. “It doesn’t matter who you put in office, a Republican or Democrat. When we look at the actual leadership we’ve gotten in the past from Democrats and Republicans, everything they tell us they’re going to do, they don’t do and things get worse for a majority of us.”

Kurland bought her first home in Redford at the tender age of 24 in 2005. She became politically active in the community almost immediately afterward, starting as an elections worker in 2006. Kurland went on to become a precinct chairperson before joining the Redford Union School Board of Education in 2013.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science – public affairs from Wayne State University. Kurland said the decision to run for governor was spurred on by the Flint Water Crisis, what she termed as an attempted annexation of Redford Union Schools by South Redford Schools, and an injustice done to Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

“When I was looking at who was in the race and the people who had already announced, I wasn’t happy with any of the options that were out there,” added Kurland. She contemplated a run for Secretary of State before joining the gubernatorial race.

“Flint is the biggest disaster in our state’s history,” Kurland said. “Someone said to me you can’t really do anything about Flint if you’re Secretary of State. But you can do something for Flint if you’re governor. That’s what pushed me into the race.”


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