Rock the Vote Questionnaire



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2018 Rock The Vote Questionnaire

Provide your name as it will appear on the official ballot, errors may delay approval.

Your name as it will appear on the official ballot:

Jennifer V. Kurland


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Please provide your stances on these issues is it relates to the office of Governor.


Voting Rights:

* How would you ensure that all citizens have equal access to the ballot box?

(300 characters max)

All Michigan residents who are U.S. citizens should be automatically registered to vote upon turning 18 with an opt-out option. We must have no excuse absentee balloting, and same-day registration, including an address change affidavit for Election Day voting without a provisional ballot.


Criminal Justice:

* What criminal justice reform policies would you support?

(300 characters max)

We must end the cash-bail system, keep non-violent offenders out of prison, and raise the age to stop the prosecution of minors as adults. The AG must investigate every police killing. We must end the practice of solitary confinement, fund citizen review boards, and require police body cameras.



* What policies to reform immigration would you support?

(300 characters max)

We must fight the federal government's establishment of Michigan as a border state, and protect residents from wrongful imprisonment and/or deportation. Municipalities that choose to be a sanctuary should be supported, & we should expand legal protections for undocumented workers & DACA recipients.


Gun Violence:

* What actions would you take to reduce gun violence in our communities?

(300 characters max)


We need multiple levels for permits for hunting, personal protection handguns, and larger capacity rifles. We need tougher laws requiring gun locks for all gun owners, ensure all schools are trained in active shooter prevention, and address the issues of gun use in domestic violence and suicide.


College Affordability:

* How would you ensure students from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds have equal access to affordable college?

(300 characters max)


We must first properly fund K-12 education & fund programs for Pre-K, all districts must be brought up to an equitable dollar amount immediately. We can bring more Early College opportunities to high school students, and first make public colleges then universities free for all including funding for trades.


Climate Change:

* What actions would you take regarding climate change?

(300 characters max)

Running on a Green New Deal, we must transition to 100% clean, green energy. We can put tradespeople to work building wind farms, solar panels, and become innovators of hydropower. We must charge corporate polluters the true cost of doing business, close and decommission Line 5, and ban fracking.



Women's Rights:

* What policies regarding women's reproductive health would you support?

(300 characters max)

We must enshrine abortion rights in public health, & move to a single-payer system. We must increase the penalty for rape and violent sexual crimes, and ensure police departments are trained & funded to support victims, including testing rape kids & taking sexual harassment/assault claims seriously.



Economic Opportunity:

* How would you promote economic opportunity for all, regardless of race and socioeconomic background?

(300 characters max)

We can create micro-grants for innovators to start new businesses without means. We must increase the minimum wage to $15/hour with permanent fair cost-of-living increases. Public assistance is for those in need, not for corporations, and we must move to a progressive income tax.




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