A Green New Deal - Prisons & Policing



Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png   Every killing of a citizen by a police officer should be reviewed either by a community elected board and/or the Attorney General's office, alongside the Michigan Civil Rights Commission (MCRC).  Any instance of excessive force must involve an independent investigation by the MCRC.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  There must be proper funding for citizen review boards for cities that choose to create them.

 Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png   We must properly fund our police (and fire) departments and encourage more community policing.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  All departments need a full-funded community resource/liaison officer, to ensure community transparency, education, and outreach.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  There must be a database kept across Michigan that registers the demographics of all police encounters.  Cities that have a high percentage of racial disparity between those numbers and the percentage of demographics of those living in the city must address racial bias in the department with the MCRC.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We need to add training for drug recognition experts once marijuana becomes legalized as an answer to issues such as driving under the influence.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Officers must have continuous professional development on mental health encounters, rape investigations, and others.  We must also raise the bar on higher education requirements for new officers.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must end the cash-bail system and only fine after a case, and only if the person is found guilty.  Cases that are dismissed must have no fine, and for cases with fines community service hours should also be offered in-lieu at a rate of $15/hour.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must end the "productivity" requirement for officers to encourage more community education, and less citizens fined for minor infractions or imprisoned for non-payment of fines.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  All officers must be trained and equipped with non-lethal options such as tasers.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  All officers must be trained and equipped with body cameras, this must be coupled with policies that protect both officer and public privacy while ensuring cameras are on during public encounters.



Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Non-violent offenders should be kept out of prison as often as possible.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must ensure the for-profit prison system stays out of our state.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must end the corporate gouging of families, stopping companies from forcing high costs of phone calls and electronic communication with those incarcerated.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must end slavery in our prison system, and require any work done by those incarcerated be paid a living wage and be part of a job training program that will translate into full-time employment once released.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must ensure prisoners are treated as human beings, are provided rehabilitation and provided job training, and given resources to attend school and further their education in order to best re-intigrate back into society.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must 'Raise the Age' and stop prosecuting minors as adults.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Incarcerated women must have proper access to sanitary napkins and tampons.  Additionally there must be further protections for pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Additional protections for LGBTQIA prisoners must be given

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Prison rape should not be tolerated, and measure must be put in place to create a safe environment for prisoners.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Solitary confinement is torture, and its use must be banned.



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