PFA Contamination



PFA's also known as PFC's are polyfluoroalkyl and perfluorinated chemicals or substances such as perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorooctanesulfonic acid or perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) that are toxic to humans and have been used by industries across Michigan without proper oversight for decades.  Once ingested these chemicals stay in the blood and is found in at minimum 2% of fish in tested Michigan waterways.  We are currently paying very close attention to local communities that are investigating cancer clusters around the state and their relation to these toxic chemicals.  

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Documented side effects of exposure include, but are not limited to:  

Developmental issues in fetuses and infants

Difficulty conceiving

High Cholesterol

Hormonal interference

Immune system damage

Increased risk for cancer - specifically kidney and testicular cancers 

Negative effects in growth, learning, and behavior of infants and older children

Pregnancy-induced hypertension

Thyroid problems

Ulcerative colitis


Communities affected by these toxic chemicals include:

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Arenac County

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Au Gres


Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Crawford County

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Grayling

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Grayling Township


Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Iosco County

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Tawas


Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Kent County

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Algoma Township

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Belmont

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Grand Rapids

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Plainfield Township

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Rockford

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Village of Sparta


Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Macomb County

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Mount Clemens

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  New Baltimore


Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  St. Clair County

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Ira Township


Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Washtenaw County

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Ann Arbor


Water sources that may be connected to these issues or have PFAs/PFCs/PFOs in them include: 

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Allen Lake

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Au Sable River

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Barton Pond

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Clark's Marsh

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Flint River

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Grand River

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Lake Chapin

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Lake Huron

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Lake Margrethe

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Lake St. Clair

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Rogue River

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Saginaw River

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  St. Joseph River

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Van Etten Lake




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