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Endorsement Process

By request candidates may schedule an in person Q&A during a scheduled MORE meeting (held in Remus or Big Rapids, MI) and/OR submit request for and responses to an online application by email at michiganore@gmail.com All MORE members and those in attendance at the group meetings, will be allowed opportunity to review to consider and voice an opinion of the candidate's answers to the online questionnaire.  The decision, made by Members Committee to Endorse, Support and Elect Progressive Candidates’ vote consensus to endorse is based on the candidate’s responses, history of public service and overall representation of progressive values in regards to Michigan residents.  Submissions may be posted publicly at Michigan Our Revolution Electorate facebook page, Our Revolution Michigan 4th Congressional District facebook group or any affiliated MORE social media sites.  Each endorsed candidate will receive written explanation, which may be posted publicly,of why they were selected to represent MORE values. Endorsed candidates will receive regular social media “shout outs”, throughout the November 2018 election cycle, thus encouraging members and the public to support the candidate by donating, volunteering and voting.  By written request, candidate may then receive a local chapter nomination for endorsement from Our Revolution (national).  *Disclaimer: MORE reserves the right to, and may at any time, withdraw its support endorsement and/or nomination to Our Revolution (national), based on false or misleading responses, raised concern by constituents, undisclosed/new information or any unforeseen circumstances and consensual bote by its Members Committee to Endorse, Support and Elect Progressive Candidates.  Deadlines for November 2018 Elections MORE will announce qualifying candidates, to members for consideration, on the following Monday upon receipt of required information.  Candidates must submit their applications no later than 30 days prior to primary or date of election to be considered.  Endorsement decisions and announcements may be made within one week and up until the day before election day November 2018.  Questions? Please email michiganore@gmail.com  


Questions by Our Revolution will appear in Purple, Jennifer's answers in Green


Name as it will appear on ballot?

Jennifer V. Kurland


Date of Birth?




P. O. Box 401321 Redford, MI 48240


Website/Social Media?






Alternate email?



Office running for?






Political Party affiliation?



Have you received your party’s endorsement?



Reason for seeking an Endorsement from Michigan Our Revolution Electorate?

I was asked to apply again 


Name of opponent(s)?

Bill Schuette, Gretchen Whitmer, Todd Schleiger, Bill Gelineau, Keith Butkovich


Have you ever ran for or held office before?



If so, when and what position? Did you receive corporate funding? Explain.

I ran for the Redford Union School Board in 2012, winning my term from 2013 – 2018. I have served on the executive board as President for 3 1/2 years and am currently serving as Treasurer for the last 6 months of my term. I did not receive nor ask for any corporate funding.


Do you support public campaign and party finance reform?



Do you now or will you ever during potential future campaigns, accept donations from Super PAC’s, corporations or any other such labeled ‘dark money’?



Do you support citizen oversight hand counted paper ballots and efforts to improve the overall integrity of the election process? Explain.

Yes. I have been a pollworker and precinct chairperson running a local precinct in Redford since 2006. As the recount showed in 2016, led by Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, Michigan has a troubling problem with election integrity. After the recount, our Secretary of State allowed local County Clerks to choose which new machines they wanted to purchase and currently we have 3 different machines in use statewide. The Detroit City Clerk election in 2017 was unable to be recounted on the new machines, and there were numerous issues encountered in Wayne County and elsewhere during the 2018 Primary. I have an extensive platform around election reform, which can be found at www.kurland4michigan.com/elections and am currently collecting contact information from people across our state to be trained as poll-watchers and challengers for the general election.


Do you support removing Democratic Party superdelegates, eliminating a means intended to undermine democracy? Explain.

I am not a Democrat, have never been a Democrat, and do not believe the party can be reformed with or without superdelegates. The Democrat Party is a topdown corporation and there have been a myriad of attempts to reform it over the past 100 years. I believe the Democrat Party undermined democracy in the 2016 Presidential Primaries due to issues of superdelegates among many others. The issue of superdelegates is a matter for Democrat Party members.


Do you support tuition-free expanded higher education? Explain.

Yes. I believe we need to start first with public colleges and then move to public universities. The hurdle to making public universities free are the bloated salaries of university administrators who reside in the top 1% of Michiganders on the backs of working class students (such as now-disgraced MSU President Simon receiving $750,000/yr + bonuses and benefits). Once we make public colleges free and ensure the model works, we can move to universities with public pressure from university boards, students, and staff. We will need to address the pay disparity between University Presidents and graduate employees, ensure unions within the universities are empowered in negotiations, and ensure there are proper academic supports, especially supports for Title IX, and that the state can give proper training and support for victims of rape and violence on campus among other issues. You can see my platform and watch my Fireside Chats on public education at www.kurland4michigan.com/education


Do you support workers rights and a proportional living wage increases? Explain.

Yes. I was raised by two union parents, UAW and MEA, my father was a sheetmetal worker and mother a public school teacher. We must increase the minimum wage to $15/hr, but when doing so we must also tie the minimum wage to inflation, housing costs, and food costs among other factors so that we will protect workers in the future as well.


Would you support a percentage of top CEO wage to be earned by employees, resulting in reduction of corporate welfare benefits? Explain.

Yes. I believe we need to look at creating a maximum wage, and creating tax laws and incentives for companies to pay workers better, give better benefits, and look for ways to encourage more worker-owned businesses. We also need to end large corporate tax breaks and create more incentives for small business owners. You can see more of my small business platform at www.kurland4michigan.com/economy


Would you consider supporting legislation to create a Universal Basic Income? Explain.

Yes. The Green Party is currently having internal discussions around UBI and considering adding it to our platform. In order for UBI to work, it also needs to be tied to housing costs, inflation, etc. This issue should also be tied to discussions around the automation of industries and should not just become an extension of welfare that keeps people in poverty.


Do you support a universal single-payer total healthcare system to replace ACA health insurance in order to promote higher industry standards? Explain.

Yes. We must remove profit from the healthcare industry. I am currently working on a plan for a single-payer system for Michigan that will include fixes to some of the issues presented by the Democratic plan. You can see my platform on healthcare at www.kurland4michigan.com/health and will have the stop-gap for single payer up soon.


Do you support renewable energy and OFF fossil fuels movement? Do you support an immediate shutdown of Enbridge pipeline 5? Explain.

Yes. A key component to a Green New Deal is to change our economy over to renewable energy and off fossil fuels. Fracking is not a viable alternative, as it has been proven to cause earthquakes and other water quality issues affecting residents in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma among other places. I am highly concerned about the potential use of the KWA pipeline for fracking along the I-69 corridor, and the outstanding permits for fracking that were granted under the Granholm administration. Especially with 8 natural gas power plants looking for expansions or new builds this year, a ban on fracking is imperative to our ecosystem and public health. Line 5 must be shut down now, and I have been attending as many meetings and public comment sessions as possible around this issue. You can see more of my platform on environmental issues at www.kurland4michigan.com/environment and my speech at the Pipe Out Protest against Line 5 here www.facebook.com/lounovak/videos/10156870864483694/


Do you support public vs. privately owned services? Explain. Do you support public banking? Explain.

I support public spaces, and have seen many conflicts in Detroit with public/private partnerships that have allowed corporations to "own" public spaces, which have in turn caused discriminatory practices, and is being used to limit public protest and speech. Public/private partnerships have been brought up as a way to financially maintain public spaces, and we must ensure that the state properly funds municipalities by overturning the Headlee Amendment and that state priorities are focused on public needs rather than corporate wants. I support public banking, and am currently researching what a Michigan State Bank would look like. It currently is important for marijuana businesses, especially as legalization is on the ballot this November, but a long-term plan for a state bank must be focused on the needs of the state rather than the short-term needs of a single area of business.


Do you support basic human rights affection religion, race, ethnic and gender equality with same-sex marriage? Explain.

Yes. I am a woman, am Jewish and have personally experienced bigotry due to the gender/culture/ethnicity/religion I was born as. I've been an activist since I was 19, and have always stood for equality and equity for all. I've marched and stood for these rights for my entire adult life, and attended the 2009 National March for Equality in Washington D.C. among many others. My running-mate, Charin Davenport is a trans woman and we have a very strong platform on human and civil rights. You can view my full platform on human and civil rights at www.kurland4michigan.com/humanrights.


Do you support reduction of corporate agribusiness in exchange for local small farming? Explain.

Absolutely. Small, local farming is extremely important to Michigan's economy and our economic future. CAFOs do not fall under regulation of the Clean Water Act, and are one of the reasons why Lake Erie has been experiencing algae blooms as well as cause groundwater contamination. I believe we need to fully end the practice of allowing CAFOs in Michigan, and will push for small, local farms to receive the federal farming subsidies, not the corporate agribusinesses that currently hog most of the tax benefits.


Do you support the Dark Act of labeling GMO’s with a QR code rather than clear concise words, as co-written by Senator Debbie Stabenow? Explain.

No. I believe in the public right-to-know, and support bringing back consumer protections to Michigan. All food products, including GMO foods, should be properly labeled, and Michigan should also be a leader in food standards, with higher standards of quality focused on public health rather than corporate profiteering.


Do you support fair-trade practices? Explain.

Absolutely. I practice supporting fair-trade practices in my everyday life, and Michigan must be a leader in this aspect as well. Fair-trade is about the rights of workers to be paid a fair and living wage and equitable business practices. We must ensure that all trade done by the state includes fair-trade protections.


Do you support Indian treaty rights, especially in regards to sacred land and water? Explain.

Yes. Our state has failed miserably in keeping our end of treaties with our native population. We must ensure these treaties are upheld, and go further to make sure that we continue to recognize Michigan tribes as the sovereign nations that they are. I reached out to all Michigan tribes after announcing my run, and one issue that came up that must be immediately addressed is ensuring that all legislation passed in Michigan is reviewed by tribal liaisons before passage. In some instances, a single sentence can be the difference between our native population being protected by legislation or being harmed.


Do you support Boycott Divest and Sanctions (BDS) of Israel in regards to Palestinian human rights? Explain. *

I strongly condemn the actions of the Israeli government and do not believe in theocracy, as it breeds fascism. I do have an issue with the BDS movement as policy, as it is an action to address the deadly actions of the Israeli government on the Palestinian people, without solid solutions as to what happens to achieve peace during and after a boycott/divestment/sanctions. I am not anti-BDS, but I am not pro-BDS. I have written a policy paper on this issue, and plan on doing further research in the future to find out what can work as a solution to peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people. I believe a secular, single country solution is the only solution that would bring about true peace. You can read the initial paper created for the Michigan Green Party at www.kurland4michigan.com/israelpalestine.


Do you support funding the 700,000,000,000+ budget for military spending and the illegal perpetual for-profit wars? Explain.

No. This budget is more than military spending, it is money stolen from public education, public health, infrastructure, and other issues of public welfare. These wars also make our country less safe, leads to the increase of militarism of our local police forces, and directly causes the death of millions of innocents every year. The genocide in Yemen, fighting child soldiers in Somalia, the persecution of the Palestinian people in Israel, and regime change disrupting entire regions like what happened in Libya, and so much more should be condemned by us all, and is what is both stretching our empire so thin to the point of collapse, but is also based on the capitalistic system of our country by bringing in record profits to arms manufacturers.


Do you support the end of war on drugs and for-profit private prisons? Explain.

Yes. Michigan must continue to keep for-profit prisons out of our state. Ending the cash bail system is imperative, and we must completely overhaul what we think of what prisons are for. We should be keeping non-violent prisoners out of jail as often as possible, and work towards creating a system of rehabilitation and restitution as part of incarceration to end our high rates of recidivism. We must also re-open state-run mental health institutions and work to keep the mentally ill out of prison and ensure they receive treatment not punishment.


Do you support expanding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? Explain.

Yes. We should lower the age for social security, and move to a single-payer system of health care.


Do you support net neutrality, uncensored media, freedom of independent press and free speech? Explain.

Yes. As a Green candidate who has been running for this office for a year, the mainstream news media in Michigan has been doing everything possible to ignore my press releases and ensure the public doesn’t know I exist. We must create new regulations on media, requiring fair time for all candidates, splitting up the 5 companies that own almost all of our media to stop the oligopoly that currently exists. I have carried the Constitution around in my purse since I used to canvass in 2001 and strongly believe in the first amendment.


What is the single most important piece of legislation or policy you would like to work to get passed during your potential tenure serving constituents? Explain.

Fixing Flint and making residents whole. This is the biggest disaster in our state’s history, and with the current escalation of the PFA crisis it is only the beginning. Members of both the Democrat and Republican parties are culpable in the Flint Water Crisis, and I personally hand-delivered my research to the entire state legislature in February of 2017. At this point, due to their inaction, access to information, and unethical behavior, I don’t believe any current sitting State Senator or State Representative should ever be elected to public office ever again. You can see my research and platform on Flint at www.kurland4michigan.com/flint and www.kurland4michigan.com/flintcontinued.


What else do you find important or want the electorate to know about your platform, raise concern or, support, plan to enact, or have information about? Explain.

When speaking about the legalization of marijuana, it is important to mention how that will allow our state to start growing industrial hemp and what that will do to transform our state’s economy and help our agricultural community. I have many more points in my platform around other issues not addressed in this questionnaire including infrastructure, elections, gun control, and animal rights. You can view my full platform at www.kurland4michigan.com/issues and watch my Fireside Chats at www.kurland4michigan.com/firesidechats.


Please elaborate on any issues, as you deem necessary, to better help MORE make an informed decision regarding support of your campaign.

I worked on both the Stop Snyder campaigns, have been an appointed member of the Redford Township Festival Committee since 2012, have an extensive background in civic leadership through the Jaycees/Junior Chamber/JCI, and have been active in Michigan politics since I worked for Clean Water Action for 3 years in 2001 canvassing around our state on environmental issues and have a background in retail banking. I’ve been on the ground in Flint since early 2016, and researched and created a documentary on the crisis which can be found at the above links on my website on Flint. I have my degree in Political Science Public Affairs from Wayne State University and ran my radio show, The Offensive Feminist with Jenny K, a political talk show for 100 episodes before going on hiatus for my campaign. Between 2015-2016 when I was President of the Redford Union School Board, my “progressive Democrat” State Senator, along with other local members of the Democrat Party attempted a hostile annexation of my school district. Upon a FOIA request, we found that there had been secret presentations made to the Governor’s office about the dissolution of my district, and that people who had been friends of mine were reporting on personal conversations back. The State Department of Education gave a grant to the other district involved to study the annexation of my district without us ever being notified until it was approved and in the press. I also had to get an amendment pulled out of the School Aid Budget in order to help stop these actions. I believe this is an important part of my history as an elected official, as I put my duty to my constituents over friendships (and ended those afterwards as well), and will do everything in my power to fight for what is right. There is no other candidate running in my race that has that kind of a history of transparency, accountability, and integrity as an elected official.




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