Gun Control


Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Jennifer is a gun owner, and believes in the personal right to own a firearm

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We need multiple levels of CPL permits for hunting, personal protection handguns, and larger rifles

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We need tougher laws requiring gun locks for all gun owners when firearms are not in use

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We should not allow guns in schools, and all schools should be trained in active shooter prevention

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must address the issues of domestic violence and suicide with gun control

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  All violent PPO's must include a temporary confiscation of weapons by local police departments to prevent domestic violence murders.  All those with a violent PPO conviction must be banned from gun ownership.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  All persons who have had a suicide watch/attempt within the past 5 years must be denied access to firearms


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    commented on Gun Control 2018-02-23 22:36:21 -0500
    Would you elaborate on the need for various levels of the Concealed Pistol License?
    Hunting v Personal Protection

    Larger rifles? Falling under CPL regulation?