A Green New Deal - Environment



Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Line 5 must be decommissioned and shut down completely.  A moratorium must be placed on new pipelines and environmental assessments done on existing ones.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Climate change is a real and serious issue that must be addressed via a change over to green energy both for economic success and for the survival of our planet.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Nestle should not be allowed to withdraw copious amounts of water to bottle and sell without any benefit to the people of Michigan.  The damage being done to the groundwater supply in the surrounding areas must be investigated thoroughly.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must make companies that pollute Michigan's waterways pay the true cost for that pollution, and put in place additional regulations that protect our natural resources.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Fracking is not a viable energy alternative.  

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We must invest in wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro-power for both energy use and to create new green manufacturing jobs so that Michigan can become a leader in the future of green technology.


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