Small Business & Economy


Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Michigan needs to start investing in small businesses again.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Micro-grants should be made available for new business owners to be able to create new business opportunities for those without access to start-up funds.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Any business that pollutes must pay the state for a permit that includes the health and environmental impacts, and any chemicals used must be disclosed to the community at-large.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Climate change is real, and green energy is where the jobs of the future are.  Michigan will be a place for climate refugees in the near future, and our local economy must be prepared to accept this new population influx.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  We can put our tradespeople to work with green jobs.  Converting now-abandoned manufacturing buildings into space for new manufacturing jobs creating windmills, solar panels, and other green infrastructure will make Michigan a leader of and in the future.

Michigan_Map_Green_favicon.png  Michigan must have a living wage jobs.  The minimum wage should be raised to $15-hour now, with fair cost-of-living increases permanently ongoing.  No Michigander should be working a 40-hour/week job and rely on public assistance to make ends meet.  Public assistance is for those in need, not for large corporations to take advantage for legal wage-theft.


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