Jennifer's Letter Supporting Delta Employees Unionizing




To the Employees of Delta Airlines,


I grew up in a union household, and have always had the values of unionization and collective bargaining instilled in me. My parents working good union jobs also allowed them to give me the supports and life opportunities that have shaped me into the person I am today.


This background of union families is a core value to many Michiganders, and the decline of unionization is one of the key factors of the decline in wages and opportunities in our great state. Delta Airlines uses Detroit Metro Airport as a hub, has invested significantly in the airport, and many Michiganders rely on Delta as their choice of a major airline.


The decline in unionization in our state has been echoed at Delta, which has caused a shift in worker pay and quality of life for their employees. Studies have shown that workers who receive quality benefit packages, living wages, and work-life balance are happier and more productive employees. Such opportunities are also economic ones to the state, as our economy is circular and requires citizens with good paying jobs to use their expendable income to support other businesses.


I strongly condemn Delta’s actions against the unionization of its employees as detrimental to our state’s economy and our citizens. I fully support the unionization efforts of Delta employees and encourage all employees to take the initiative and stand up for their rights to a living wage, a safe workplace, and benefits so their children will have the same opportunities that I was afforded.



In solidarity,


Jennifer V. Kurland

Green Party Candidate for Governor of Michigan




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