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Creative Washtenaw Votes - Candidate Survey - November 6, 2018


General Election


The Arts Alliance surveys candidates running for office in Washtenaw County about their views on the arts & creative industries, especially in regards to public policy and investment. All candidate responses and non-responses are released verbatim for publication before the election to the media and The Arts Alliance’s constituents–Washtenaw County residents passionate about the arts and the creative industries. Survey results for candidates making it through to the general elections will be posted on The Arts Alliance's website and be re-released in October 2018.


Candidate Information


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Jennifer V Kurland


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P. O. Box 401321

Redford, Michigan 48240



(313) 349-3929


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I am a candidate running for *

State of Michigan Government


For the elected position as *



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I am currently an elected official and hold the office of:

Redford Union School Board Treasurer


As an elected official, you have an opportunity to lead and influence public policy and investment in the arts & creative industries. Elected officials and government entities are in the position to lead, establish priority, invest in and set policies that benefit the arts, creativity, arts education and creative economic development for the benefit of its citizens. A survey conducted by The Arts Alliance shows that the public in Washtenaw County values the arts highly (63%) and that they believe tax dollars should help support nonprofit arts and cultural programs (89%). Currently there are no dedicated tax revenues and very little appropriated investments by county or local municipalities in Washtenaw County.


What are your beliefs, interests and investments in the arts & creative industries? Please check all that apply. *

I believe that the arts & creative industries are important to, enhance and improve the quality of life and place in our community making it a great place to create, live, work, learn, play and visit.

My constituents should have access to excellent and affordable art, creative, cultural and heritage offerings in our community.

I am an amateur artist or creative and enjoy spending leisure time on these activities.

I believe every child in Washtenaw County should have access to excellent arts and creative education at every grade level.

I am an owner/investor in a creative industry business.


Government/Municipal Planning - Integrating the Arts & Creative Industries *

If elected, I will work within the governmental body to which I hold office, to ensure that the arts and creative industries are a key priority in the following plans and are afforded the resources, evaluations and adjustments as other key priorities.  Please check all that apply.

Government/Municipal Master Plans

Government/Municipal Strategic Plans

Government/Municipal Economic Plans

Government/Municipal Arts & Creative Industries Plan


Arts & Creative Education

Students engaged in arts and creative education have higher GPAs, score higher on standardized tests (+100 on SAT) and don't drop out. Employers report creativity is of high importance when hiring (72%) because students develop desirable 21st century work skills including communication, creative thinking, teamwork and professional work ethics. 


Arts & Creative Education Integration for Student Excellent (ACEISE) in Washtenaw County

The Arts Alliance and Washtenaw County Intermediate School district (WISD) are partnering on the Arts & Creative Education Integration for Student Excellence (ACEISE) project. The goal of ACEISE is to ensure that all 47,000 students in the WISD- nine public school districts, 12 public school academies and 16 private schools - have equitable access to integrated and performance-based arts and creative education.


My pre-K-12 education included arts & creative education. *

Yes, my pre-K-12 education included arts & creative education


Arts & Creative Education *

As an elected official and community leader serving Washtenaw County residents, I will be an advocate in support of arts & creative education. I will encourage all school systems in Washtenaw County to work in partnership with arts and creative businesses to offer all pre-K - 12 students excellent integrated and performance/production-based arts and creative education. 

Yes, I will be an advocate in support of arts & creative education.


State of Michigan - Arts & Creative Industries Legislative Issues

Please refer to the State of Michigan Legislative Issues – The Arts and Creative Industries 2018 included in the list of resources.


Michigan Legislative Issues - Arts & Creative Industries. *

In reference to The Arts & Creative Industries 2018 included in the list of resources, please indicate those issues below that you support.

Include the arts & creative industries and professionals in Michigan's economic development and workforce initiatives.

Increasing MCACA funding, currently set at $12.5 million.

Insist that arts & creative education is available to every child in Michigan.

Prioritize arts & creativity and engage its professionals in Michigan's tourism iinitiatives.


What role do you believe elected officials and government agencies should play in leading arts and creative industry development and sustainability in their communities? *

I believe that the responsibility of government is to its citizens, and to enhance our quality of life. I believe that all children should have access to an arts education, including music, performance arts, and other creative arts. As governor I would champion all initiatives that bring would bring more of the arts to the public. My childhood included opportunities to learn dance and take part in choir, band, and theatre throughout my K-12 public education. A Green New Deal for Michigan absolutely includes the arts.


If elected, what role will you take in leading arts & creative industry development and sustainability in your community? *

Part of my small business plan is to create grants for small businesses, especially for those who don't have the means for personal start-up. I don't believe there should be any industry-specific restrictions in this program, and would certainly include artists to be able to fund projects or studio space, etc. I would also Yght to ensure there are arts-education opportunities available to every child in Michigan K-12.


If elected, I will be a leader and champion for the arts & creative industries in sessions, committee meetings and in my district. I look forward to working with and learning from those in my community practicing in, championing and advocating for the arts and creative industries. *

Yes, I will be a leader and champion for the arts & creative industries.




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