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In 2016, Jennifer spent six months researching the Flint Water Crisis by deep-diving into financial documents, released e-mails, and news articles.  She created an hour-long documentary on the crisis and found four documents to be the keys.  The first, in 2009 was the engineering report for the KWA pipeline.  This report shows that from the beginning, all decision makers knew Flint's water treatment plant couldn't properly treat water, and that the needed upgrades of $7 million at the time were being considered to be lumped into the bonds for the project.  The second, in 2011 was the report on the Flint River commissioned by then-Mayor Dayne Walling.  This report reviewed the issues with using the Flint River for drinking water, and reveals major issues including the need for $50 million in upgrades in order to make the plant and surrounding dams, etc to be able to provide clean, safe drinking water to residents from the river.  The third is the TYJT report commissioned by the State of Michigan.  This report references back to the 2009 and 2011 reports, with a meeting with MDEQ, local, and state officials documented with their knowledge of the problems with Flint's Water Treatment Plant.  The last key document is the 2014 bond documents for the KWA pipeline.  This document requires Flint to use the Flint River as a "temporary" water source until the KWA project is completed, with notes that Flint's water treatment plant needed mandatory upgrades for proper water treatment, was signed off on by the State Treasurer's office, and states that the KWA pipeline was a cheaper source for water than Detroit Water and Sewer, which we now know was not only false, but from emails between officials prior to these bonds being signed, that these officials knew ahead of time that staying on Detroit's water was the most cost-effective option for the residents of Flint.  Read the full annotated timeline and peruse these key documents below.



Flint Timeline from 2009 - 2015


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2009 KWA Engineering Report




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